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Contemporary Modern Technique Class

Maria Gillespie’s contemporary modern technique class combines release technique fundamentals (letting go of superficial muscular effort, initiating movement from bones, sequential movement) and classic vocabulary to explore new movement vocabulary that is grounded, supple, and quirky. We’ll let the body find alignment, flow, and efficiency of movement. We will practice initiating movement from the tailbone as well as finding subsequent articulation in the pelvis and spine. Class will offer opportunities for strength building and grounded support. The idea of softening gravity will be first introduced in the floor work and standing stretches of release technique. The center warm-up will emphasize mechanical precision and create functional movement in weight shifting. In more dynamic, complex phrases we will deepen our sensitivity to gravity, noticing how it supports the body, falls through the body into the floor, and then allow momentum to flow through the body and out into space. There will be an emphasis on how gravity is significant in initiating movement. At the moment of discovering how momentum is a function and result of movement we’ll thrive on movement that throws the limbs off the body, eats up space, dives off center, and rides on momentum.

This class meets Tuesdays at 7:30pm-9:30pm at Katnap Dance Center *
12932 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista, California
next to the corner of Beethoven, just East of Lincoln Blvd.
$15 single, 4 classes for $50

*The Tuesday night class has been enjoying a variety of guest artists teachers, Eva Weiland and Kevin Williamson for Spring 2010
Please email or check back soon for updated teaching schedule.
Gillespie will return in June.

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"Her dancing can veer from swift and hummingbird-like to meltingly graceful in a heartbeat."

Los Angeles Times





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